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Next open rehearsal:
Tuesday 20 March 2018 7.30-9.30pm

St Stephen’s School
Hales Drive, Canterbury CT2 7AD

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Canterbury Choral Society concert day rehearsal in Canterbury Cathedral


Award Scheme
Up to £100/annum

For students aged 14-23. Applicants must demonstrate developing musical ability, have a good singing voice and take part in regular rehearsals and concerts.

Join Canterbury Choral Society and sing great works in a great choir in Canterbury Cathedral. Come to a rehearsal any time to see how we operate.

Voice tests for new members are the week after each performance. Rehearsals are disciplined but always rewarding. You might be amazed about how far we progress from first rehearsal to concert. We rehearse in Canterbury on Tuesday evenings. We are looking for commitment and enthusiasm. Members are of all ages and all walks of life. Our youngest members are still at school.

While aiming for a standard of professionalism, Canterbury Choral Society remains in essence an amateur choir, open to all who apply and pass an audition. Members may briefly reflect on their achievements after concerts, but a challenge awaits them the following Tuesday when they begin rehearsals for their next performance. This rehearsal is open to anyone who might like to join us, or who is curious about how we rehearse and sound at the earliest stages of learning.

If you would like to audition or just come and see us in action, please contact Pat and Geoff Webb on 01303 840318 or email:


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