Why we sing

Our fundamental principles

Our foundational principles are built around an understanding of the benefits of choral music – mental, physical, educational, social. These benefits are universal and should be available to all people. These are the reasons why we sing and why we invite others to join us or support us.


Conveying musical and cultural expertise from older to younger generations, performing with professional orchestras in a world-renowned setting.

Musical expertise must be handed down from one generation to the next in order not to be lost. Over 90% of children in the UK are receiving inadequate music provision. Understanding the value of experience and musical education, our youth choir joins with the adult choir to perform some of music’s most challenging choral works, accompanied by professional soloists and renowned orchestras in the nave of Canterbury Cathedral. This experience shapes the way that young people understand and engage with music.


Performing high-quality and challenging music that offers equality of access and aspiration, with special emphasis on children and young people.

Access to music provision and experience should not be limited to the privileged few. At present almost all members of our youth choir attend state schools. We offer bursaries and funding to ensure that all children have the opportunity to participate and benefit from the rich experience that we offer.


for members and audiences – through the life-enhancing mental, psychological and physical benefits of collective music.

Singing has scientifically proven psychological benefits, reducing stress and increasing sense of well-being. Singing together has been shown to have particular benefits increasing sense of community, belonging, and positive group identity. The impact of collective music extends into broader life – improving focus, supporting memory and attention – and the wider community through the enrichment of our audiences.


Providing inspiration and musical training to facilitate entry into the UK’s world-leading music industry.

Music is one of the UK’s leading exports. The health of classical music and the broader music industry relies upon a well-supported ecosystem. Opportunity and expert musical training for young people is a vital foundation. The CCS Youth Choir offers rigorous vocal training and experience, offering a pathway into professional music and supporting this thriving industry.


Providing enriching, real-life experience and encouragement against the growing distractions of screen time.

We are increasingly aware of the damaging impact of smartphone addiction on attention span and mental health. We must push back with positive and engaging alternative activities. Choral music is an antidote to the negative impacts of smartphone addiction – improving mental health, creating a positive sense of group identity, demanding intense focus and attention over long periods of time. Exposure to the positive experience of this real-life engagement is an education for young people, not just in music, but in how to live – in the real (rather than the virtual) world.