Beethoven Missa Solemnis

Missa Solemnis

Saturday 20 June 2020, 7.30pm

Richard Cooke conductor
Canterbury Choral Society
Canterbury Choral Society Youth Choir

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Judith Howarth soprano
Madeleine Shaw mezzo-soprano
James Gilchrist tenor
Tristan Hambleton bass

VENUE: Canterbury Cathedral


Sponsored by
Lady Kingsdown

Beethoven Missa Solemnis concert for Beethoven 250th AnniversaryBeethoven Missa Solemnis
We commemorate the 250th anniversary of the birth of Beethoven by singing the mightiest work of this mightiest of composers. ‘From the heart, may it go to the heart’ wrote Beethoven in his score, and one can observe Beethoven’s heartfelt outpouring reaching to the world and beyond, and to the limits of the human voice and of musical expression. As such it is unique, and only more rarely heard than his 9th symphony because of the challenges it presents to performers, taking its place together with few others as one of the greatest statements of western civilisation. Is it one of our conductor’s favourite and most cherished works? Yes it most certainly is. Can Canterbury Choral Society sing it? Yes they can, and we are once again excited to have the Royal Philharmonic returning to perform with us, together with a stellar line-up of soloists. Come to Beethoven Missa Solemnis and be shocked, inspired and blown away.

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