Concert discounts

Concert discounts for Canterbury Choral Society concerts in Canterbury Cathedral

Multi-buy concert discounts:
2 concerts: 5% discount
3 concerts: 10% discount
4 concerts: 15% discount

Canterbury Festival concerts are not included

Multi-buy discounts are applied to equal numbers of tickets across concerts.
Please see Example 1 below for clarification.

Example 1
Carols concert: 8 tickets
January concert: 4 tickets
March concert: 2 tickets
June concert: 1 ticket

In this example the discounts will be applied as follows:

Concert discounts for Canterbury Choral Society in Canterbury Cathedral example

1 x 4 concert discount – 15% (one ticket across 4 concerts)
1 x 3 concert discount – 10% (one ticket across 3 concerts)
2 x 2 concert discount – 5% (two tickets across 2 concerts)
4 x full price (the remaining 4 Carols tickets)


Other concert discounts:

  • School parties:
    20% off the lowest three price bands, plus one free ticket for teacher for every five students.
    To take advantage of this discount please contact us for a discount code.
  • Students (over 18):
    20% off the lowest three price bands, on production of a student card
    (limited to one ticket per student with card)
  • Standby tickets for students:
    from 7.15pm on concert day:  £10


Contact us for more information on Canterbury Choral Society concert ticket discounts