Bach Mass in B minor

Bach Mass in B minor

Saturday 31 October 2015, 7.30pm

Canterbury Choral Society
London Handel Orchestra
Richard Cooke Conductor
Esther Brazil mezzo-soprano
David Allsopp counter-tenor
Robin Bailey tenor
David Ireland bass

VENUE: Canterbury Cathedral

The Mass in B minor evolved over many years in various sections, some of which Bach himself directed, but it was only put together as the complete Mass during the 100 years after his death. The entire work was not performed in his lifetime. Remarkably, it knits together to form one of the most imposing and challenging compositions of all time, overwhelming in its grandeur, inward intensity and breadth of expression, its architectural span retaining a strong sense of overall cohesion.

Canterbury Choral Society have given acclaimed performances of this great work in past years, and together with the period-instrument London Handel Orchestra, relish the opportunity to perform it in this year’s Canterbury Festival.