Berlioz Les Nuits D’Été (Summer Nights) Op.7
Distinctive and unusual

Cooke’s Tour 10: Berlioz Les Nuits D’Été Op.7
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“Nuits d’Été (Summer Nights) is the first song cycle to be orchestrated which has found its way into the central repertoire. Originally written for piano accompaniment, it went through several changes over the years as the orchestral settings were each created. Each song was dedicated to a different singer and Berlioz envisaged they would be sung by a contralto for one, tenor and baritone for one each and the other three for either mezzo-soprano or tenor…”
Richard Cooke


Berlioz Les Nuits D’Été Op.7 on Youtube
Frankfurt Radio Symphony
Joyce DiDonato BBC Proms 2019


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