Chopin Ballades 1-4
Hats off gentlemen, a genius

Cooke’s Tour 14: Chopin Ballades 1-4
Richard Cooke’s introduction:

“…‘Hats off gentlemen, a genius’. So wrote Schumann of his friend Chopin. I have delayed writing about Chopin for some weeks though his music is of such effervescent pathos and refinement. When I was collecting my thoughts about Liszt a few weeks ago, I was happy to read somewhere one comment about Chopin which I have long felt, that he was the ‘Mozart’ of the 19th century – spontaneous, poetic and able to conjure up harmonies from far-off places, then to return to the overall key of a particular moment…”
Richard Cooke


Ballade No.1
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Ballade No.2
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Ballade No.3
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Ballade No.4
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Canterbury Choral Society Music Director, Richard Cooke, is sharing his favourite works to give some musical nourishment in these difficult, isolated times. ‘Cooke’s Tour’ is a weekly musical voyage (not necessarily choral music) that music lovers can enjoy without leaving home. You can see his introductory video on Royal Choral Society YouTube channel.

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