Brahms Double Concerto for Violin and Cello in A minor, Op. 102
Turbulent, towering and sublimely lyrical

Cooke’s Tour 8: Brahms Double Concerto
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“One issue composers have to wrestle with when writing concertos with solo string instruments and large orchestras is balance. There are only two Romantic cello concertos (Dvorak and Elgar), and I’m sure cellists will recoil at my not including Schumann, so I don’t mind saying three! OK, Walton (4), Britten Cello Symphony (5)… etc. A violinist doesn’t struggle quite as much to be heard, but it’s impossible for a cello to stand out unless the orchestration when the soloist plays is extremely light. Unique in the 19th century is Brahms with this Double Concerto, and I consider it to have as much stature as any of his great orchestral output…”
Richard Cooke

Canterbury Choral Society Music Director, Richard Cooke, is sharing his favourite works to give some musical nourishment in these difficult, isolated times. ‘Cooke’s Tour’ is a weekly musical voyage (not necessarily choral music) that music lovers can enjoy without leaving home. You can see his introductory video on Royal Choral Society YouTube channel.

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As well as Canterbury Choral Society, Richard Cooke is Music Director of Royal Choral Society and University of Essex Choir.