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Canterbury Choral Society lend their voices to Brit film Song for Marion

Thursday, March 21, 2013, Canterbury Times, Lowri Stafford

THE vocal talents of a singing group from Canterbury can be heard on a new Brit flick starring Vanessa Redgrave and Gemma Arterton. Song for Marion features the voices of members of Canterbury Choral Society (CCS), who were asked to dub performance scenes. The film, which is showing in cinemas now, is about a shy grumpy pensioner played by Terence Stamp, who is reluctantly inspired by his wife Marion – Vanessa Redgrave – to join an unconventional choir.

The Canterbury Choral Society became involved with the project when conductor Richard Cooke was approached by an agency looking for singers to perform over-dubs. CCS members David and Mary Sadtler, Kath Hewson, Maggie Anwell and Pat Marsh volunteered for the role, which asked for singers that were at least 60.

Describing her first experience in a recording studio, Mary said: “Behind a glass screen, the sound recorders were poised for the off as we stood in our places in sound-proof booths – one for each voice section. “The song sheets were handed out and, although we were told we would have time to rehearse each song, every take was recorded. “We were advised to place only one headphone over one ear so we could hear instructions and ‘sing with the choir on film’, which we could see in front of us on a small screen.”

Maggie said: “It also meant having a constant unnerving beat in one ear in order to sync with the film – no room for error. “This was serious multi-tasking for a bunch of mature rookies!”

Kath continued: “Sometimes the first take was all we needed but we repeated most songs several times, giving us confidence to sing with more abandon as we went along. “The songs were mainly rock and ‘street’, so we had to get into the spirit of the thing – rather a different style required from that for singing Beethoven or Monteverdi.”

Pat added: “All in all, it was an enthralling, somewhat nerve-wracking, but certainly challenging experience. “Everyone enjoyed it and actually being paid to sing for once was very gratifying!” Song for Marion is showing at selected cinemas, including in Ashford and Thanet.


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