This year saw the momentous arrival of the Spiegeltent (Dutch for “Mirror Tent”) to the Canterbury Festival.


The Spiegeltent was located for the two weeks of the Festival at the Spitfire Ground, St Lawrence, on Old Dover Road.

The Spiegeltent was a magnificent and beautiful structure, made of canvas and wood, and decorated inside with a stunning display of stained glass and mirrors. Just being inside was a somewhat wondrous experience, especially with the blustery winds rippling the canvas and heavy rain battering down outside. The wonderful ambiance, combined with exceptional management, fabulous staff, a well-run bar, and an inspiring program of events, made for many a fulfilling and memorable evening.

The Spiegeltent offered a truly unique setting to experience some of the gems of the Canterbury Festival this year. A highlight perhaps being the Australian circus company Casus, and their performance of Knee Deep. A simply breathtaking and spine-tingling performance, at once fragile and daring, and combining unbounded strength with trustful tenderness and vulnerability.

And the tent is to return to the Festival next year, 18th October to 1st November 2014, but funding needs to be secured. See!.aspx for more information.



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